Weight Loss

We know that weight loss by dubious means (starvation diets being the most common) certainly don’t leave behind a pretty picture. You will look unhealthy, your skin, hair and nails suffer. While on extremely restricted diets; you will feel irritable and you don’t function well and certainly cannot be productive. You could even develop nutritional deficiencies.

Easy ways to lose weight

  • Diet:Diet doesn’t mean starvation. It means eat -- on time, right quality and right quantity. Have small portions of less calorie food in small intervals.Increase fibre & protein intake ; and reduce the carbohydrates.
  • Exercise:2 Hrs of exercise per day. An hour of walking or jogging is a must. Another hr of Yoga, Gym, swimming Cycling, dancing or playing is advised.
  • Ayurveda Treatments:Panchakarma treatments which are purification procedures help in detoxing the body and losing weight in natural way. Treatments like Udhwarthanam, Abhyangam and Swedanam help in losing the weight.
  • Ayurveda MedicationThere are some herbs like Vrikshamla and Guggulu which helps in loosing weight.Ayurveda has few products which are made out of these and many more herbs.
  • We have designed a scientific way of weight loss through our wonderful therapy and massages